Air Fryer Oven – Review – Fried Food With 70% Less Fat


  • Product: POWER AIR FRYER PLUS Oven
  • Place To Buy: Amazon.com
  • Size: 6Qts
  • Warranty: 60 Days 
  • My Rating: 4 out of 5



AIR FRYER OVEN – Product Overview

As a family that doesn’t fry a lot we sure love going out to eat these delicious greasy foods. The big problem with this is all the fat that comes with it and goes in you. One good solution to getting that fried food taste but with up to 70% less fat is the Power Air Fryer Plus Oven. This 6Qt oven makes all your favorite crispy foods without oil, fat, or butter. It uses super heated air that flows all around your food to give it that crispiness on the outside while keeping the inside tender and juicy.

The Air Fryer Oven is also a dehydrator, a rotisserie, and comes with a digital touchscreen – 8 One-Touch Preset Buttons, also a drip tray that catches extra fat. 3 racks that are designed for 360 degree air flow to cook your food on all sides. A removable mesh basket that rotates which is great for making french fry’s, and stainless skewers for Rotisserie Chicken, Tender Roasts, or Juicy Kabobs! it also comes with 3 recipe books (Americas favorite traditional fried foods – that you can make with up to 70% less fat, Dehydration Creations, and Rotisserie Mastery). Weighs 19lbs and cooks up to 400 degrees.


Pros And Cons

Pros: for long term weight control we constantly must be aware of what we eat and how much we eat. We can’t just diet forever, and at some point we have to eat everyday foods that are good for us. The Power Air Fryer is a big secret to that goal. When you can eat wings, blooming onions, or french fries that taste just like they were fried, crunchy on the outside and juicy in the middle, but have 70% less fat and up to 80% fewer calories is incredible. I love making wings in mine, and like how it saves me money from going out to eat them. The french fries taste like the one’s we get at our local fair – Great. There really is NO sacrifice in taste like you have in so many other low fat foods.

Air Fryer OvenWhen your looking for healthy snacks the dehydrator worked really well for us. Dehydrate Fruits, Granola, Vegetables, Jerky & Herbs with no added hidden sugar that would just go to your waist. We didn’t even have to know how to dehydrate, the included cook book covered it all. Make tons of different healthy snacks to help fight off hunger, and help not to cheat with fast food when your busy. The compact oven size makes clean up a breeze. I like the internal oven light, to see in just like a conventional oven while food is cooking.

Very easy to use the 8 one-touch preset buttons. Like for chicken wings just hit the chicken button and that’s it! The oven sets the temperature and time for you. It’s the same with fries, fish, shrimp and more. One button cooking.

Cons: when you cook for the first few times there is a plastic smell it emits when cooking. Smell is just on the outside of unit and is not in the food. Also, I really didn’t like having just a 60-day warranty. I’ve had mine for over 6 months with no problems but for added peace of mind I would recommend getting any additional warranty. The overall size of the oven is a little big for counter top storage, but this is OK with me because I wanted the bigger unit for cooking big meals. Have a family of four.


Conclusion The Power Air Fryer Plus Is A Hit

4 out of 5 star rating!I have to say this fryer is a real hit with me, I just can’t believe how everything taste so good just from super heated air. I know many others that LOVE their PowerAir Fryer and get good cooking ideas from them too. There are a few draw backs as I’ve stated above, but I feel the benefits truly out weigh them.

It all comes down to better health and weight control. When you can get 70% less fat and up to 80% fewer calories in your food without sacrificing taste you’re accomplishing those goals. For the sake of your heart health and waste line eating fried foods are just not the way to go. I know they taste so good but that’s the big secret with the Power Air Fryer – You can have the great tasting foods! It’s a win-win! if this sounds appealing to you then I highly recommend you pick up your own Power Air Fryer Plus. Amazon has the best deal on this oven – just click here to pick it up today!


I hope you enjoyed my review on the Power Air Fryer Plus and if you have any questions or want to leave a personal comment, please leave them below. Thanks and have a nice day.



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  1. Wow! What will they come up with next? I love this idea of heating food with hot air and giving it that fried texture. Does it taste like fried food? Does it really give 80% fewer calories? That’s amazing!

  2. Thank you for such a fantastic review. I had been looking at these because I know they are a healthier alternative to a deep fat fryer. We haven’t been having and fried food because of the health concerns and we really miss home made fries and chicken wings. Thank you once again and all the very best.

  3. Don, you really hit it on the nail here! If it is truly what you say it is, then it must be Christmas in July! Merry Christmas Santa!

  4. I love a greasy meal as much as you, I think. I would really love to see how well this machine can cook chips (US. French fries) the way I like them. Fried fish would be the ultimate test too. Thanks for the info. It is gonna help me make my decision.

  5. Hi Don, this power air fryer plus looks awesome as it keeps everything healthy but you still gets loads of flavour. You wouldn’t even know the dishes are low fat! I’m always looking for ways to add less fat in food. I don’t mind healthy fats, but usually they need to be eaten cold pressed, so for actual cooking I like to keep them to a minimum. Thanks for the great review; these are definitely worth the investment.

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