Avoid This Common Mistake That Causes Many To Give Up On Their Diet.

Diets aren’t easy and take true commitment and willpower, but even those with the strongest of both often end up cheating. That’s why it’s good to have a dieting buddy to lean on for support when we are weak.

Here we are going to talk about reasons why diet fails, and one of the biggest mistakes we make while on a diet. One that leads us to cheat on our diet, or go off it completely.

So what is it that were doing all wrong? Well, it’s actually something that most probably don’t even think about. It’s a simple mistake but one that can have truly lasting implications on your success.

REASONS WHY DIET FAILSThe mistake is – shopping unwisely at the super market. If your going to the supermarket without a plan, It’s hurting you, and putting weight loss success in true jeopardy. Don’t believe me? Read down through my tips and ask yourself if you’re doing any of these damaging things to your diet. But don’t worry because it’s pretty easy to fix this unwise behavior.

Here are some simple tips to follow when at the store to help make sure you don’t make bad food decisions – that will impact your diet negatively:

  • Never shop when you are hungry. Shopping with hunger pains means you’re likely to end up with a cart full of cookies, chips, or other non-diet foods! In addition, when you are hungry, you are more likely to become easily distracted and forget some of what you need. Maybe leave a protein bar, dried fruit, or some healthy snack in the car to eat before you go in.
  • Stay away from those dangerous center aisles.
    The fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, and other healthy meats are typically on the perimeter of the store. The center aisles are filled with processed foods that you should stay away from.
  • Always read the label. Be sure to watch out for any foods that contain ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, flavorings, trans fats (or hydrogenated oils), sodium nitrite, and artificial substances like aspartame.
  • Never shop in a hurry. Rushing can make you stressful, and this may cause you to purchase quick and easy items instead of searching longer for the healthier item. So give yourself plenty of time to shop and read labels. Also, try to avoid rush hour in the store – That way it’s not as crowded and you have more space to take your time and read labels.
  • When buying fruits and vegetables look for ones that are not bruised, shriveled, moldy, or slimy.
  • Buy only the fruits and vegetables that you need so you can eat the freshest food possible. The less time out of the Earth or off the vine the more nutrients.
  • Make a list and stick to it. You can make the list when you are not hungry and really focus on your diet. Plus, the more organized you are, the less time you will waste at the market. Be sure to write down everything you need, how much you need and if you need to go to more than one location to get everything.
  • Choose a shopping partners wisely – some people just don’t have the willpower to say no. You know them? when they walk past that chocolate desert, or that great smelling dish in the bakery they just have to have it.
  • Don’t fall for the grocery store setup. That’s right they set you up and entice you to buy. Remember they are here to make money and they set everything up in that store to get it. They love to push all the processed cheap food in your face, and make it hard to find the really good for you foods. What I hate the most is the checkout lines with all the pop, candy bars, and snack right there for you while you wait in line.
  • Buy your healthy foods in bulk if you can, it might get you more for your money. And that’s more good food at home, so you have meals for the whole week. REASONS WHY DIET FAILS
  • Grab the smallest cart or basket available, shopping with a smaller cart forces us to re-think purchasing decisions and also ensures the refrigerator is stocked with only the amount of perishable food that can be used immediately. The longer produce is stored, the more nutrients are lost.
  • Buy foods with fewer ingredients. When you do this you’re automatically starting at a healthier place due to the elimination of the added sugars, fats, and preservatives. Also Avoid foods that contain artificial ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • Try frozen veggies. While fresh veggies are a little better, frozen veggies are almost as good, and much better than nothing at all. Since you can keep them in the freezer, they last much longer.
  • If you prefer fresh, know when the store stocks its fresh fruits and veggies so you are getting the best quality. Because they do go bad quickly, and you don’t want old items.
  • If you have kids go to the store when there in school. When you bring kids, they will pester you and pester you until you buy some kind of junk food. Even if you’re able to stick to your guns. Just remember to buy them some healthy snacks too. It’s harder to diet when the kids have junk food around temping you.

Once you have your foods at home, here are some tips you can follow to ensure your safety, and to ensure that they stay fresh.

  • Always wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly in water, and then rinse before eating to remove toxins. Do not use detergent. There are veggie washes that are available in health food stores. You can also soak produce in diluted apple cider vinegar to help remove surface chemicals.
  • Handle fresh fruits and vegetables carefully. Put produce away promptly, and keep it in the crisper or in “Green Bags.” Throw away cut produce that has been out of the refrigerator for four hours or more.

If you can understand the reasons why diet fails from what I’ve talked about here, then that’s just greater leverage you have towards your diet and weight lose success.

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I hope you enjoyed my tips on wise shopping and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Thanks and have a good day.


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  1. This is a lot of help, a lot to remember but easily because they make sense.
    The ‘Fat Burning Soup Diet with over 370 different meals to choose from’ sounds impressive.

    • Thanks, I tried to make my solutions as easy as possible for everyone to use. Thanks for your comment.

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